Ok, I remember hearing somewhere that cupcakes are over [grin], but there was never any choice for us.  My local coffee haunt makes cupcakes better than any cake either one of us have ever had.  And we heart the owners.  And they look lovely. And the idea of choosing a cake seemed daunting.  Love this clip from Man Stroke Woman. [oh, if you have not seen it F-ing hilarous.  I don't know where I first saw it.  Again, pre-blogging days.  Probably East Side Bride, right?]


hahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaa it still has me in stitches.  I used to go around calling our wedding an event and Ben didn't like it- he was afraid we would get caught or something.

I remember for one moment considering a cake- I instantly realized someone would have to cut it, and serve it, and we would need a knife, and that it should be a sentimental or special knife or something and I imagined adding these things to my to do list and to my to coordinate day of list, and a decided for the last time that cupcakes were just perfect, thank you.  

Same story for cake toppers. I saw a lot of cute ones out there but they were not important enough for us to make it into the budget.  Nor were they something I was dying to make myself.  Too tedious for me.  Then I happened to see these:

My little sister was in town [possibly for our engagement party?], she and I were cruising around Ocean Beach being touristy, and there they were.  At the same antique store that we got my ring. [awwww] I don't remember what they cost, I think it was less than 10 bucks though. They are vintage ceramic salt and pepper shakers.  Haha! I brought them home to Ben and expected them to be a little girly for him to care about- the kind of thing that would provoke a response like, "oh, that's nice" or, "oh, those are fine" or even "why do we need cake toppers?" But, to my surprise, he emoted in favor.  He actually really liked them.  Yay! Now they are perched in out kitchen.  PS- this shot is a recreation.  


  1. They're brilliant, I love them!

    I heard that cupcakes were 'so over people' too! :) But likewise, there was never any alternative for us. Love cupcakes, hate 'sculpture' cakes, love buttercream, hate cake cutting = cupcakes the inevitable option.

    Cupcakes never go out of style!

  2. Oh and that clip is hilarious. I saw it on Offbeat Bride and nearly choked laughing.

  3. Salt & pepper shakers. That's ingenious. And yours are precious.

    I hadn't seen that clip, but oh my gosh - hilarious.

  4. Okay can we clear the air? I love cupcakes too but I'm not supposed to eat them because wheat gives me an enormous migraine. Bitter? Yes.

    But my mansmaid made me a fucking fabulous flourless chocolate cake. So there.

    And i <3 your toppers.

  5. wheat migraines? sorry dear, that is the pits. wheat is in freakin everything.

    thank god you have such a lovely and talented mansmaid.

    and thank you-all. they are cuties, huh.

  6. Simply brilliant! I hope you don't mind that I wrote about them on a blog. I adore them.

  7. In my opinion, a delicious cupcake is never out of style. Especially if they have sweet bird toppers on them!

  8. love it sarah, thanks!