For summarizing so succinctly an intimate feeling I had such a hard time articulating:

For most women, the wedding gown represents far more than a dress. It is the emodiment of a dream, perhaps one nurtured since childhood. Then, add considerations of traditional, propriety, sensuality, and fashion, and capture all of the in one dress.

Um. WTF?!?! Isn't that kind of a lot of pressure for one article of clothing???

Don't get me wrong; I don't want to be negative. Know that even though I have a short non wedding dress, I love a long designer couture gown almost as much as the next girl. Really. And I would probably get a little teary eyed [in a good way] if I saw all of you brides in any kind of lovely gown on your big day. I also think it is great that the Vera Wang people do their best to create a wonderful product.

The thing I have a problem with is that every girl out there- every bride to be- is given the idea that we need to have a dress on our wedding day that is the embodiment of a dream... I mean really. This is a very high expectation! These expectations can be very difficult on those without an endless supply of dough with which to fulfill these dreams.

Does a dress really have to add considerations of traditional, propriety, sensuality, and fashion?

Can't it be enough to find a dress that makes us feel happy, comfortable, and beautiful? One that we will enjoy seeing in photographs years down the road, one that does not send us into pits of credit card debt?

That is my wish for all of us.

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  1. God, no pressure then!

    Dress shopping sucks. Vera Wang does not help.

    'Embodiment of a dream', pfff. Embodiment of an f*ing nightmare more like (or perhaps that was just me...)

    And I can't wait to see this short, non wedding dress! But surely the fact that it's a dress, worn to your wedding makes it a wedding dress?!

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Amen. . . finally, a blog about weddings that has a rational approach to the "dress".