yeah.  one week.  i know.

on the 2 week mark i realized that, while it was kind of pointless, I could start obsessing about the weather.  Now it is entirely point-y, wundergound should list up to next saturday later today.

No, I am not silly, I am not terribly worried about rain.  Of course anything could happen, but rain is not the real danger.  That is the wind.  It can get pretty windy in JTree in the summer- so much so that it might make it a little difficult to enjoy an evening of outside dinner and dancing. 

So when I checked last week for the wind conditions out there I quickly realized I had no idea what 6MPH or what 14MPH actually felt like.

I asked my dad [a pilot] ben [a surfer] and ken [a canadian coworker who knows a lot of random information].  They all said 10-15 MPH would probably be the tops.  It was Ken who found the Beaufor Scale for me.  

3.7-7.5        You can feel wind on your face and hear the leaves start to rustle.
8-12.5         Smoke will move horizontally and small branches start to sway. 
13-18.6       Wind extends a light flagLoose dust or sand on the ground will move and larger branches will sway, loose paper blow
s around, and fairly frequent whitecaps occur.

I think 13 is the magic number for us.  If it goes above 13, we have to rent a tent, which is big, ugly, and expensive.  We have to decide by Wednesday.  Yikes!

I *just* check wunderground, and so far everyday between now and then is sunny, and the highest wind listing is..... 13! With the highest on Friday being 5!!!

Keep my fingers crossed....

This is a wedding that was held across the street from our location, you can see the wind in action....

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