My Dress...

is short.

I always [and by always I mean since I knew Ben Left and I would one day wed...] kind of planned on having a short dress, but I though it would be short as in tea length. And poofy. And pretty much exactly like the one Audrey Hepburn's character models in Funny Face.

He loves
And she loves
And they love so
Why can't you love
and I love too?
Birds love
And bees love
And whispering trees love
And that's what
We both should do.
I always knew some day
You'd come along
We'll make a twosome
That just can't go wrong,
He loves
And she loves
And they love
So won't you love me
as I love you?

But then things happened. The mood of the wedding changed.... And before I knew it there was a dress, not 50's style, but 60's. Not poofy, but slender. Not tea lenght, but, um, kind of mini. But it is so perfect for our wedding. Ben Left loves it, too.

Sometimes it is scary. Inner dialogues happen that make me run to the nearest sample sale and try on two thousand dollar designer gowns that cascade to the floor... and yet the mini persists.

Words like this from people like Elizabeth Dye help SO MUCH:

I confess--I wish more brides would wear short dresses for their weddings. We all love a long gown, but a girl with the guts (and the gams) to rock a mini has a special place in my heart.

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