When we started planning this thing, I figured there would be a lot of DIY going on. I am a crafty gal, as is my fiance Ben Left. Or rather, he is a crafty guy. Not to mention the ease that put on the budget we were working with. As it turns out, we are kind of, um, doing everything ourselves. There are no vendors to speak of, unless you count our photographer, but she is too rad to get the title vendor, which is just kind of drab.
Flowers were an easy and natural choice for us to do ourselves. I understand that it takes a certain talent to put together exquisite arrangements, but at the same time, I believe it is pretty freakin' hard to mess up flowers if you keep them simple.

Once our desert location was settled [more on that later] I began looking at succulent arrangements, I started looking into "renting" some succulents from a local nursery for center pieces, or purchasing to give them as little favor gifts. This seemed such a natural choice for the our desert setting and my fondness for a clean modern aesthetic. I imagined them paired with large white lilies, or a few dramatic bird of paradises...

Much to my surprise Ben Left spoke up with a strong opinion. Roses! Red roses, like a desert rose. I am still not quite sure where the desert rose reference comes from. No doubt some old rock or country song or album, but when your fiance speaks up in definite preference for something as sweet and romantic as red roses it's hard to do anything but fold in agreement. This decision really helped set the tone for our wedding. It went from the modern aesthetic I was gravitating to, toward a very bohemian, vintage, kind of western feel..... And really, this is so much more us. While we like [love] our mid-century modern architecture and furniture, there is something a little more messy about the rest of our lives than all that.

We started purchasing mason jars on craigslist with the intention of loading the long tables up with many small arrangements- 5 roses per jar, at least 5 jars per table. So simple. So easy. So lovely. Dispersed between the pint size mason jars will be half pints with mini votive candles.

We ordered a sample bunch from 2G Roses who have great prices. This gave us a chance to practice working with them. The rest will be delivered to our wedding site [where we will be lodging] a couple of days before the wedding, giving us time [with the help of friends and family] to get the little arrangements together.

My favorite? The day the practice roses arrived I was busy printing out invites. [more on that later too!] So Ben Left stepped in and became the rose master! SO cute. He even put together my practice bouquet. You can see them below in the right of the photo.

There are also little bits of our printing processes laying around in the photo- Thank You cards from our engagement party, the base layer of the front of our invite card, the brown paper bags with our initials that will light the desert paths... Fun! Of course Manray [that's our cat] had to help. It tired him out.

[Also notice the boxes. Those are filled with wedding supplies. Be warned. They will take over your house....]

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