photo by noa

Those of you who said I didn't need a list last year? Yeah, you were right. But I am excited that we have finally renewed our passports (I find it romantic that Ben's and mine expired within months of each other, even though we got them just before we met) and Henry has his first one! We have some adventures ahead of us! Isn't that one of the best feelings??? Have a great weekend!


  1. Can we see Henry's passport photo? Pretty please? xo.

  2. Yes. fresh new passport pages itching for stamping are a great feeling (though aren't you ever a little sad to let go of the dogeared old one?)

    Baby passport pics on the other hand are both the dumbest (cos they don't look any different after a year do they) and the sweetest.

  3. Very exciting! My current passport only has two blank pages left, so I think I have to get a new one... sad and exciting!