Tomorrow a friend with whom I studied architecture is coming over to look at our yard and discuss possibilities. He has since gone into landscape design and contracting and might be able to help us spiff it up, a bit? Our budget is laughably modest (anyways, it would be silly to put a ton of money into it, as one never knows...), but it is hard not to get a little exited and start dreaming big. I have even bin pinning, which I never do. For example I would love love love to incorporate a small galvanized tub for Henry like this. I am also scouring Craigslist for free materials. People love to give landscaping stuff away!

Tell me, do you have any favorite boards for yard and garden design on pinterest that I can stalk for inspiration?


  1. you might like some of these guys work:

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I totally just added a 44-gallon galvanized tub to my amazon wishlist. Ha.
    Last year, I used a wide and flat IKEA storage bin for water play -- definitely not as pretty.

  3. holy crap, i'm totally copying.

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  5. If you're looking for natural play alternatives for Henry try http://pinterest.com/maximuscatus/nature-play-playspaces-deficit/