My boy is turning one this weekend. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT! We spent the weekend preparing. Presents are on their way, crafts are completed, supplies purchased and gathered. We wanted to keep it on the simple side, but also to invite all the people who love him so. I think I did a good job letting myself get a little creative with crafty decor fun, but without going overboard, you know? Another cake was tested and succeeded. Pizzas will be ordered. Beer will be poured. This post is about the party, really. If I can find the time, I am sure there will be a long sappy one to come about MY BABY turning a YEAR. Boggles, no?


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I so very desperately wish I could come celebrate little H with you. I am sending love from afar. The South, to be precise.

  2. Aww! Happy early birthday, Henry!!!

  3. One already... wow, what a year it's been! Thanks for letting me follow H's first year. I love his perfectly bald head and his big ole smile. Happy birthday, little man! xo.

  4. Christi4:53 PM

    Wow, that means I've been reading your blog for a bit over a year now!! I found your blog in a Google search for Joshua Tree (naturally!), I think my exact words to my boyfriend were, "Look at her! Gram Parsons is one of her wedding inspirations!!" We are both huge Gram/Joshua Tree fans, which of course means I quickly fell in love with a desert fete. :)

    Cheers, you have a beautiful family and I always enjoy your posts!!


  5. One! Awmw, it's a going to be a spectacular weekend for you guys. xx

  6. they grow up too fast, i can't believe it's that time already!
    I can't wait to see more pics from the party, sounds like a good, laid back time... and HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY HENRY!!

  7. Can we get a good shot of the Henry string art? On Instagram even? I so like it

    1. i did put it on IG! but i shot film. i'll drop it off tomorrow!