Ya'll remember I mentioned that Michelle and I were working on a little project together? Well, the time is here to share.  If you don't mind, I will start with a back story.

As you might know, if you follow Celia and I at Hank + Lucy, Henry has never been one for a stroller. (Or a car seat, but that is a saga for another day...) No problem. We had invested in not one, but two great baby carriers. We were ready. Prepared. Good to go. We were well on our way to becoming baby wearing experts.

Baby, what, you ask? Turns out, wearing your baby in a carrier on your body has a name. The deeply rooted tradition enjoys thriving popularity today wordwide, for a variety of really rad reasons.

We were ready to sign up. One problem. Henry wanted to face forward, and all of our carriers had him facing toward us. He would only tolerate them for the shortest of naps.  I knew of one popular forward facing carrier, but I had also heard they were kind of bad on developing hips, so I was hesitant.

Enter the Sakura Bloom styleathon (which my friend Elizabeth won!). From that contest, I learned that babies could sit forward in a ring sling.  We were thrilled.  So was Henry. We were in love.

Fast forward 8 or 9 months. Henry still hates his stroller, and we still love "wearing" him. He now quite likes a variety of carriers, but our Sakura Bloom is still one of our favorites. It is so cute!

So when Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo and the team at Sakura Bloom invited me to participate in their latest blogger project, The Sling Diaries, I was so honored, and (after making sure Michelle was on board, and panicking a little at so much sharing) thrilled to accept.

Here is the deal. Once a month (for 6 months!) myself and 12 other blogging mamas are assigned a specific concept, and are tasked with posting a photo journal entry of us & our littles (in the sling, natch) expressing the concept. I will post all of my entries here, but you can follow all the other entries on the Sakura Bloom pinterest page. The good news? They will be (mostly) wordless. (So this wordy post will be the last one you have to suffer through.) The kinda scary part? I have to post real actual photos of myself on the blog every month. Eeek! Hold my hand? I'd like to mention we are not being paid or compensated, but we did receive some slings to wear in the photos. And finally, you might wonder why I will be posting these here instead of on the baby blog? I had a hard time with that. I see this as a project in documenting our life in general, and also a creative exploration between myself and Michelle. And this is my space for that kind of stuff. So.

I hope you guys enjoy! I am sure looking forward to what the other lady's come up with. First post is tomorrow. Yikes!

*Oh, man! I forgot to mention! To kick off the project, they are giving away a free sakura bloom sling. Check it....


  1. what a cool idea! Looking forward to following the posts, and, for the record, 2 of my three boys hated their strollers too. I thought I was alone.

  2. Miranda12:04 AM

    My baby's due in September and every time you post Henry pictures it makes the wait feel 1000x longer! The soft skin and chubby limbs are too much!! Can't wait to follow your babywearing diaries over the next 6 months. Rock on sister!

    1. it is a long time. :) enjoy it though! congratulations.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    This is so exciting! Elizabeth gave me a Sakura Bloom sling right after Jack was born and it was a life saver since he, like H is not a fan of the stroller. And when he was tiny the stroller felt like he was too far away, I wanted him strapped to me! The closer the better. I still use it 6 months later, along with the ergo. I look forward to your pictures. And seeing all the other entries, I really enjoyed the last sling project.

  4. so exciting Jamie!! I've been wanting a SB sling for awhile but just couldn't justify it since I wasn't with Wolf during the week but now that I'm a SAHM, I'm dying to get one! can't wait to see your photos {the one of you and H was my favorite in the whole bunch and that's not just because I *know* you guys!} hooray!