Hi Friends! Just taking a moment to check in. On this Friday evening I am:

--reveling in my first moments of alone time in (literally, like I haven't even peed alone) in days
--enjoying a home that is cleaner than it has been since before Henry was born
--super inspired by my amazing friend and partner Michelle, and all the crazy talent we checked out at this fine event
--ecstatic about the fact that I have two more days off with my peanut, and the weather is forecast to be even warmer than today's gorg day
--exhausted from that whirlwind trip to LA with my little guy
--as blissed out and thankful as ever to have such a perfect baby as Henry for a son, and such a rad guy as Ben for both a husband to myself and father to our boy (he is so good, you guys)
-still kinda giddy from watching Henry check out his new toy (the tongue, the WHOLE time)
--amazed at how things have changed
--excited about the possibilities ahead.......
--and about to sign of and enjoy some for of libation (tequila???)

Cheers ya'll, & I hope you have a great weekend!

(Polaroid of me and Henry by Michelle, obv [then + now!], an out-take from the project we started this week! Can't wait/nervous to share! Eek!)


  1. that is the dreamiest photo.

  2. He seems to know so much about life.

  3. That polaroid is beyond beautiful.

  4. This photo is so lovely!