This weekend is the REI used gear sale here in San Diego. I LOVE the used gear sale, we have gotten the best camping stuff at crazy cheap prices. (If we are not having a baby) I hope to go and find some sort of shade structure for the beach for this summer. I like these tent type ones, but would like something smaller. Do you have any suggestions? We are also in the market for a cargo roof rack. Since installing a car seat our little car seems really little. Hooray for preparing for SUMMER ADVENTURES!


  1. You have a Fit? I'm jealous! It's a good road tripping/camping car because you can sleep in the back. A lot of my climbing bum friends have them.

    My parents had a Thule box for a while, it was nice and fit a ton.

    We, on the other hand, used to rig crazy improvised systems on our roof. Perhaps not that practical :)

  2. Though not terribly legal or advisable, the baby will indeed fit nicely in the Thule, as long as you make sure he gets some ventilation up there. ;)

    Otherwise I recommend a Scamp for all your travel needs. OBVIOUSLY.

    LADY, I ALREADY MISS YOU. NY = soooo exciting, but not returning to the desert? Kinda heartbreaking, really. But I have no doubt we'll be back in a larger capacity after this whole MFA thing is over.

    Also, I owe you pictures. xo

  3. I have never heard of the gear sale, but it sounds like the perfect way to grab some things I've only half considered getting. Hope you find what you need <)

  4. REI sales? Yes, please! I wonder if there is one in Chicago?

    I was visiting home (Wichita, KS) recently and insisted on paying a visit to the Coleman Factory Outlet. Lo and behold, I walked out with a really, really nice lantern for dirt cheap and as I was about to buy a tent for cheap, my brother offered me his old one because they were lucky enough to purchase the "Taj Mahal" of tents when Coleman had a blow out sale. Gotta love a good deal!

  5. your blog is so nice! glad i found it :)

  6. are you in labor??????!!!!

    i hope so.