Woowee! That was fun! I didn't manage to dance my face off (easier said than done when you are still getting over being sick + are 30. weeks. pregnant).

But I did manage to eat yummy ace food, check out cool inspiring crafts and designs, meet lots of rad people* face to face for the first time, and dance just a little.

As soon as the pictures start coming in (since I didn't take my own) I will show you the diorama Britt & I put together. Yes, you read right. We made a diorama.

Well done, you ladies!

*including Kate, who took this photo. And who also has a rad little paper shop! Hi Kate!


  1. kate's shop is adorable! glad you had a great time, can't wait to hear more about it.

  2. I'm so bummed I missed this! I am moving to Palm Springs on Friday. Such bad timing for this event!

  3. you guys killed it with that diorama. seriously, heart full of love for you.