Boy did I drop the ball this week or what? That cold knocked me out hard, and I have been preserving all my remaining energy so as to ensure I am feeling well enough to, you know, dance my face off this Sunday at HITCHED. Who's gonna be there?

I did manage a post or two over at Hank + Lucy, including the (now weekly? belly shot) in case you are interested. ;)

Anyways. Hope you all have a great weekend. We will be driving home from the desert on Monday, so I will see you Tuesday!

image via source unknown


  1. Have a wonderful time Jamie. Still here, still cheering you on.

  2. jamie, i hope to meet you! i will be there. but i too am fighting a cold so i won't get too close! looking forward to the event! xo b

  3. Hi Jamie!
    Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I recently moved away from Tucson, which was my desert home for almost 6 years. I loved it so much. My partner's family is all there, as are our best friends and so many good memories, so we will likely be back soon. And our sweet desert garden is there, the rusted metal shade structure my handsome boy built, our herbs and squash and beans and prickly pears and lemon tree and porch-swing, outside our soft-red desert cottage. Anyway, your blog (and the amazing outpouring of love and community following the horribly tragic events in Tucson recently) makes me long for Tucson all the more! Let's hope I get into grad school there!
    Anyway. Thanks for loving the desert as much as I do--(it's funny, I'm a San Francisco girl, a lover of rain and redwood forests and big city fun, I never thought I could love the desert so much. ).....


  4. Hope you're feeling better! And have fun at Hitched!

  5. Hope the weekend went well. Um, and you looked smokin' in your 29 weeks pic by the way. Surprisingly, the last 10 weeks have gone fast. Hope it does for you too!

  6. Jamie,
    It was great to meet you last night at Hitched. I just went through my goodie bag and found the desert guide you made-- love it! Hope you're feeling much better today!