Okay, in seeking to tell you guys what Braggs is, I am finding more questions (see comments) than answers. For example.

Care to discuss?

(it did crack me up though. In my head, if you know about quinoa then you must also know about braggs, right? guess not.)


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Meh. I'm in the camp of pro-msg as it were, so I scoff at that article. very sorry if this offends anyone, but there are too many people too worried about too much.
    (and i'm very dedicated to my bottle of braggs)

  2. i don't know about this one, jamie. i think you've lost me. liquid aminos sounds about as good as good as omega 3 fish oil. which is not good at all.

  3. hm. sounds awful. i don't think i'd want to put that shit on my food even before i read that article.

    what is so wrong with fresh ingredients, all of these substitutes are equally deplorable

  4. Jackie9:30 AM

    Right on, Holli.

    Best advice: avoid ANY processed foods. If you want the taste, try Nama (Japanese for raw) Shoyu. It's unpasturized so it's alive.

  5. Yikes. I guess I never thought of Braggs as processed (though it obviously is) or possibly containing badness. My bottle of Braggs in the fridge is almost empty- I think instead of refilling it, I may try Jackie's advice of Nama Shoyu (trying to eat more raw food anyway). Thanks Jamie and Jackie!

  6. Ha! I love the hippie bottle. Like distilled vegetables.

    If you're taking it for health reasons, I would question it, based on the information. However, if you just happen to really like it then it can't be any worse for you than lots of other processed things we ingest. I mean, there is no way I would ever give up soy sauce or ketchup or A1 and none of those things are probably excellent for me. Shrug.

  7. Well, David Lynch loves quinoa and braggs. His voice is the ultimate authority. ha!


  8. gross. MSG gives me a big old fat headache immediately. also...GROSS.

  9. Aw man! First my agave "nectar" turned out to be highly chemically-processed carbs similar in makeup to high fructose corn syrup, and now my favorite seasoning is rotting my brain.