Me: are you going to wear a suit to my graduation?*

Ben Left: I don't know.** I will wear a suit to the John Prine show.

Me: You will?

Ben Left: Yeah. He always wears a suit, so, I should too.

I should note, Ben considered very serious for a long time wearing a tie like the one John Prine has on above at our wedding. But in the end he didn't. But look, he doesn't always wear suits, John Prine likes cowboy boots too:

Me: [changing the topic to the show the next night] Should I wear jeans or a dress to Calexico?

Ben: Jeans.

Me: But what would Joey Burns like?

Ben: [rolls his eyes and walks away]

*You think I exaggerate when I say graduation is all I think about?
**Ben is not a man you can "dress" or a husband you can "make over" as the knots new magazine "the nest" suggests one does with a husband. He is going to wear exactly what he pleases, thank you very much.

Good thing he has such good taste.


  1. my man has good taste too (and we had a similar convo about the last ryan adams show)... it's lucky, but then having him as my man is even luckier! thanks for this fun post.

    have fun at calexico and jp! i'm a little jealous.

  2. the nest makes me nauseous.

  3. um, thank god for men who can dress themselves. i can barely manage myself, much less another adult person. who has time for that?

  4. you wouldn't want him to wear a suit to graduation, would you? *you* are wearing a sundress, after all.

  5. actually, not more sundress. simple black dress. strappy gold shoes. he can totally wear a suit. if he wants.

  6. um, *no* more sundress.

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  8. hahahahah. my dad and i did a "remix" of John Prine's "Dear Abby" for my jr. high talent show. here was one of the verses my dad wrote:

    Dear Abby, Dear Abby
    I can't travel far
    Last night while I was sleeping
    Some crook stole my car
    I picked up the telephone
    And called up the law
    They found what was left of it
    In downtown Crenshaw.
    Si-igned, "I'm Walkin"

    ok that's probably only funny if you're a big john prine fan.

    whatever. I was 13 and a dork and i thought it was EPIC.

  9. jessica that is hilarious. my dad turned me on to john prine too.


  10. oh god ... "The Knot" keeps going? I was so looking forward to people's suggestions regarding its "rules" having an end date.

    Ah well. Thanks for the warning. And by all means, let the man wear exactly what he damn-well pleases.

  11. Oh man, I got engaged on a weekend road trip to a John Prine concert, and I think if I show Mr. Future Husband this post about the tie, he will decide that his wedding-tie decision is made for him. I think I might be okay with this, though. We are going to walk back up the aisle to The Glory of True Love, so I suppose that tie would be appropriate (and frankly sorta hot)

  12. I actually just bought that record this weekend. My dad actually turned me onto John Prine via his all duet (and covers) album 'in spite of ourselves'.

    I think the tie is sweet. I can barely get my man to wear collared shirts let alone ties. Although he has conceded for the wedding.

  13. Anonymous6:35 AM

    this blog post made me subscribe to your blog. because john prine is amazing. and my mom snuck me into a bar to see him when i was 14. in braces + overalls.


    new reader.

  14. who knew there were so many prine fans out there?

  15. I am also, in fact, a fan of John Prine. Though I've never seen him in the flesh.