Book Lust

Another part of my secret non blog life is an over the top dork love for diagrams. Seriously.

There was a weird pencil drawing thing happening on my friends wall, he brushed it off, and I told him it sparked my interest cause it looked like some sort of diagram. Then I told him that I loved diagrams, and that I spend my days making diagrams [what else are architectural drawings, anyways] and he laughed thinking I was joking. No. Really.

Need this book. Data Flow.


  1. I too have a strange attraction to diagrams and blueprints and the like. Have you ever been to the Qualcomm Hall? All of their patents are showcased along one wall. I could stand there and look at the diagrams on each one for hours!

  2. Awesome. Also, you're a dork. I'm adding this to my Amazon list.