As my lack of posting can attest to, I have had a busy week. But last week end I took a little time out, as it was Ben Left's mom's birthday, and she was in town. I love when moms come to visit. Ours are so easy to please. We eat lots of good food and they always want to do whatever it is we want to do. Sunday morning we went to the swap meet, and it was excellent.

This here book was published in 1949, The Complete Outdoor Building Book, and it is stellar. Full of ambitious dyi building projects; all with a stylish mid-century twist that I can't wait to try out when we buy a home. 4 bucks.

Next is this adorable 50's golden chain mail coin purse, settled on because it is the perfect size to hold id, cash, iphone and lipgloss; essentials for any night out. 5 bucks!

Best for last. These boots. Oh these boots. They are made in Italy. They are a tad too small, I could not get them on but I bought them anyways, the girl selling them said she has the same size feet as me and that she can only wear them if she has on socks to slide through the tight ankle. So, immediately when we arrived home I am in the kitchen wearing my smoothest thinnest little nylon stocking socks, tugging and yanking and grunting, when my mother in law said I was like one of the wicked step sisters from Cinderella. "I swear it fits!!!" She made fun of me, but I got them on yes I did! And I freaking love them. 5 bucks, and they get a little easier to put on each time I wear them.

Ben did not have any luck, poor thing, but his mom found some sweet clip on earrings, also five bucks.

This weekend? No shopping.* No sir. Only diagrammatic model making.

you are jealous

*That is not entirely true, I might sneak out to pic up some things from the Mac store. I am out of my 3 make up essentials all at the same time. Do you have a make up brand you suggest? I would not mind changing


  1. BOOTS. Boots boots boots boots boots.

  2. FIVE BUCKS?!?! Lucky you!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    bare minerals? i know, i know, but my sister swears by it.

  4. I should clarify. Basics=eyeliner. Mascara. Lip gloss. The clear shiny kind that isn't gone in like 3 seconds after you put it on. Exciting, I know.

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    this makes up for the lack of posts cause these are aweeeesome!!


  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    those old books rule. i have a bunch of old sunset books, same vintage, from a used book store and they are SO much better than anything published now. and they only cost like $4 each. Garden design - that's why I get 'em.

  7. You're wrong. The chain mail purse is the BEST THING.

    Don't you know better than to buy shoes that are too small? Silly lady.

  8. Makeup brands. Nars. Chanel. Giorgi Armani. That last if you really feel like spending a lot of money just for fun.