I have managed to keep from overwhelming myself with endless things to do for the wedding. This was largely due to our desire to not spend too much money, to not create an abundance of frivoless waste, and, oh yeah, to not go crazy.

Ben Left and Best Friend did a good job of keeping me wrangled in.

Me: Are you sure we don't need programs? I could design & print them... they could be really cute....

Best Friend: Sweetie, your ceremony is 5 minutes and consists of two parts. No one needs a program to know what is going on.


Me: Babe, what if we fold a whole bunch of white paper cranes to hang from the canopy of lights over the dance floor, wouldn't that be sooooooo pretty?

Ben Left: Rolls Eyes and Walks Away

So we have kept it really simple. So, combine that with my list making and checking off talents and we are pretty much way ahead of schedule. So much so that when I woke up Saturday morning- first day of three weeks off from work- ready to tackle as much as could be done for the wedding one week away, I found there wasn't much left to do. I kind of didn't know what to do with myself.

Then I saw these little cocktail napkins and new that Sunday evening would have to be spent making my own.

300 custom printed cocktail napkins deemed necessary one week prior to big day: check.

*now I am tempted to make a welcome banner in the manner of...this


  1. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy a gocco now. They turned out great!

  2. They look great! My poor Gocco is languishing, having been used only once.
    Taking on manageable projects you love the week before the wedding is sane. Freaking out about crazy details when you don't have time is not. I think you're in good shape.

  3. super cuute! you HAD to make them. your gocco was begging you.

  4. Oh my God - you are so talented. I think they were absolutely necessary. Good call!