some one disconnect me

What I need to be doing is thinking.  Thinking about my thesis project.  I have all of these loose swirly ideas that need to come together.  I like to think at my computer so that I can quickly make typed notes of all of my, ahem, brilliant revelations.

Instead, I read blogs.  Tonight at least I know my heart is in the right place since I looked at sort of an architecture blog.  And saw this freakin awesome new project that made my heart skip a little.  There is not much I love as much as new & old together.

And this description: The galleries themselves, we're told, are part of an overall "spatial scenography" of the site. Everything here is about views, counter-views, cross-views, and panoramas. Everything helps to frame everything else.


The New Wing for Museum of Photography in Charleroi, Belgium by Belgian architects and scenographers l'Escaut via Bldgblog.

Someone.  Please take away my wifi.