Venue that we didn't chose, chapter II

For some reason in my crazy min the most acceptable alternative to outdoor weddings is old brick building weddings.  There is nothing like a raw event space such as this. The bricks walls, old lumber, concrete floors, all make such a great setting for your evening festivities.  This awesome old San Diego building- an old wonderbread factory, used to be sitting empty and available for rent for events.  You know the kind, located in the kind-of scary edges of downtown, owned by the local developer/artist/eccentric... rented at a super reasonable price... Unfortunately the edges of downtown that used to be scary now have a shiny new ballpark, which means redevelopment.  Which means before we were ready for the big day this dream of a building started getting subleased to retailers, offices, etc... So we, or you, can't actually have a wedding here any longer.  But look in your city! Raw event spaces! I imagined white calla lilies and twinkling string lights and lots of candles contrasting softly with the gritty character of the building....

all images from wonderhaus

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  1. i live in a loft like this and love to watch candle light glinting off crystal against the red brick wall... exactly what you love about it as a wedding space!