I have so many friends right now preparing to give birth. What an amazing time, you guys! It is already a little hard to remember back to when that was us, almost exactly a year and a half ago. It gets me to thinking about one of the BEST things Celia and I ever posted on our (now mostly defunct) blog Hank + Lucy; the mother-hood guest posts. My goodness, we know some wise ladies! I can't tell you how many times in the first year of Henry's life I would learn or discover something, and recall that I had already read about it in one of these posts. (Some things just have to be experienced to be known.) I know that many of you are cross over readers, but just in case any of you are new, and missed these, and are interested, I can't recommend them enough:

image above by the road is home. thanks again wonderful friends for sharing, and for all of you ladies about to become mommas again or for the first time, you will be in our hearts!


  1. Aw thanks Jamie. I remember writing that post - such a time of the heart.

  2. I think you and Ben are naturals ;). Love you guys xo