Do you sometimes... forget how to spend free time? Like when I was crazy busy working almost full time and writing a thesis, the days are pretty packed right now. Between my office job and my weekend job and trying to be fully present whenever I am with my boys, well... "me" time is scarce. Sometimes I will chance apon a sliver of it, and not know what to do. I waste the precious minutes wringing my hands: Do I relax? Sit outside? Do something creative? But I am always doing something so I want to do nothing! It's a terrible trap. Anyways, it is one that I did not fall into one recent afternoon. Instead I pulled out Henry's much neglected baby book (it hadn't had an entry since I was pregnant). It was an hour or two very well spent. I am looking forward to more creative projects just for fun!


  1. yes, creativity is always my "me time." looks perfect!

  2. Oh man I totally understand this. I have no idea how to relax any more. It actually take conscious effort to sit still. It feels so good to get things done!

  3. This kills me. Sometimes I have a few hours and I get so worked up about figuring out what to do (take a bath, drink wine, watch bad TV, read, make something, get my nails done, nap) that I find myself wandering in circles and then feeling embarrassed when I admit that my free time was stressful and I feel like I failed at it. Sigh.

    Glad you found a good activity!