I will be honest, I have been pretty housebound lately. Having a baby who doesn't like being in his car seat will do that to you, I guess. While I am completely happy to stay home and enjoy this time before it passes (because it all passes so soon, doesn't it) I can't help but be a little whistful for our more adventurous summer days. Here is a "vintage" ADF post from 2 summers ago.... Sigh...

Two days after graduating we did one of the most important things on my post graduation to do list; camping.

We have always fancied ourselves the type who *like* camping, but, you know, never really do. [There was one instance in mexico involving the lack of chairs, argentinean animal sounds, and the baja 500, but that is a long and unfortunate story.]

So last year our folks gave us a cash christmas gift to buy our own camping gear. REI used gear sale, you are my best friend. I highly recommend. We got everything we need, way higher quality than we could have otherwise afforded, at amazing bargains.

Inspired, I brought a few pretty things like vintage table cloths, a handmade quilt [hello, wedding present] and candles. I mean hey, car camping, right?

I did a lot of guilty pleasure reading. Ben strummed his guitar. We swam in a different creek every day. We hiked, and we sat around a lot too.

It was one of the best trips we have ever had.

PS. You. Californians especially; you have BEEN to Yosemite, RIGHT? SRSLY. Go. NOW.


  1. Yes. Yes. This is the good stuff right here. xx

  2. Don't be wistful, go out and camp with your babe! We took E camping when she was 5 months old and she LOVED it. She took naps for the first time (!), slept "like a baby" through the night, squealed constantly and was in the best mood. I will say that we upgraded from a 3-person tent to a monster 6-person tent that has standing room and it made all the difference. Best investment ever. Oh, that and a good air mattress for us. And I'm not even wistful for the minimalist camping days. We're car campers now and it's fine. Great even.

    ps- can't wait to go back to hit up your SD recs. Thanks again!

  3. reading I thought, i need to camp more. I started scrolling down the pictures and thought, i need to go west again. then i saw the falls, YOSEMITE!! I really need to go there. I'm now vacation planning.

  4. I love that you wore red flats camping <3

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who's evaluating every outing based on potential for carseat meltdowns.

    We have grand aspirations for camping with the baby. Which may have to be scaled down a bit. (All the good camping spots are so far away!)


  7. Anonymous12:45 PM

    i remember this blog post! and i just re-remembered how much i lurv it. and you.

  8. Oh my god these photos - it makes me want to go IMMEDIATELY! But sadly I am very far away in London so will have to deal with that. (I've just found your blog...it's kind of beautiful. I love it).