pumpkindoe's birthday
mask makin
mask makin 2
blurry halloween
carinna in palm springs
bad waiter

We had a fun weekend. Sorry for the post Halloween pumpkin picture. That is what happens when you are using film. After getting a little work done Friday night and Saturday morning, we went to Neighborhood to celebrate Dorian's birthday. Look at baby oliver celebrating! Then I made rash last minute decision with Carinna and Angie to drive out to the desert for the Flashdance's Ace party. As they both had to work Saturday night, it was left up to me to craft three matching owl masks. We painted them in the morning and were off! Sadly, I don't have many pictures from that night, just this kind of blurry one that Carinna took of me. (We were working with 200 speed film.) But there will be other pictures to prove the inevitable truth I know, that with such rad talented people behind the party, it was a blast. After some pool time in the morning we recovered with brunch at Cheeky's, which was super delicious, but our waiter had such a bad attitude* we felt it necessary to round of his tip with a pile of pennies. (Don't fuck with us is all I am saying.)

*a fluke I am sure. The rest of the staff seemed lovely. I would gladly return and pray for a different server.


  1. oh, the masks turned out wonderfully! and you wore my favorite. clearly i need to hear more about your papier-mache process - my own consists mostly of turning balloons into pinatas.

  2. wait, did we have the same server?! i went back too though because the food (and the rest of the staff) is super cool. i love the masks! sounds like an awesome weekend. what type of film camera do you use?

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    a few things.
    a) that is a cute kid.
    b) i kind of have a lady crush on that picture of you with the mask.
    c) please come take pictures of my life. you would make it look far more fabulous than it is.


  4. what a fun rash decision to make, I'm sure. those masks are rad.



  5. We ate there too a few times Delicious! And who can resist a bloody mary in a glass boot! Too bad your server was a cranky pants.

  6. We coulda used an owl at the Labyrinth singalong.

  7. I'm really in love with these.

  8. @lauren sorry i was not more specific. I bought premade paper mache cat masks, then modified them by removal and addition (clay). cheater cheater.

    @mercie it is an old minolta! (can't remember the model number right now...) it was my mom's that she had when i was a baby.

    @amanda i could have used a labrynth sing a long, as owl....

    @naurnie yes please!

  9. Gorgeous photos again. Wow again.

  10. Great masks! Looks like a great time.

  11. eff cheeky's.
    i'd rather have fish tacos poolside at the ACE anyhow. (so glad at least one of us is enjoying ACEhood these days.)

    and the owl masks rocked. as if there was any doubt.