If you will excuse me today, it is still the weekend in our house. We just woke up got out of bed (woah, sleeping in!) and we are off in search of waffles.

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  1. now you've got me craving waffles!

  2. I am not allowed to eat waffles, for they make me crazy.

    I hope you enjoyed enough for me as well.

  3. but why do they?

    actually. i didn't enjoy them. they came with nonfat yogurt and fruit. ???? so i asked for whipped cream, but since they don't usually use whipped cream all they had was crappy canned whipped cream. and then, the fruit? it was APPLES AND MELONS. Who wants apples and melons on their waffles? It was all wrong. :(

  4. That is horrible news.

    I can't eat sugar for breakfast without first eating eggs. And even if I eat eggs, the sugar will probably have me in tears by 12:30. Go-go blood sugar.

  5. THAT is horrible news.

    You know after breakfast we went to office depot and then to target and i felt like SHIT the whole time. Could that be the reason? Maybe I should be more careful?

  6. Could be. It's fairly common among the women in my family--we need food Very Regularly and can't start off with sugar without reverting into a fairly impressive toddler state.