Nearing 2 years later I still get the occasional email asking about our wedding in Joshua Tree, and wouldIpleaseshourvendorinformationthankyou. I have been meaning to post about our Joshua Tree wedding resources for exactly all of these nearly 2 years.

Unfortunately {for those people asking}, we didn't really use many local vendors. We ordered our roses from 2G and put them together with the help of Carly, Carinna, Scarlett and Sister.

{said roses}

Michelle came out from LA to shoot the wedding, Ben's brother married us, and everybody chipped in to get the whole thing set up. Food, music, beer, set up and break down, etc- all handled by us {friends, family}. So, those were our vendors. But, after having friends get married in Joshua Tree, obsessing over other Joshua Tree weddings, and just plain old going to Joshua Tree whenever we can, we have learned a few more things.

{sign in town leading to park}

So here is the Desert Fete approved* Joshua Tree wedding resource list. (Take note, even if you are not planning a wedding in Joshua Tree, this might help with some travel plans, too.)

{jamie and ben, mr&mrs at spin & margies}

Spin and Margie's Desert Hideaway: This is where we held our wedding. I am not sure what to say about it. Talking about it is giving me a homesick feeling already. Hacienda style cabins around the sweetest courtyards, expansive grounds for spreading out and nooks and crannies for discovering and hiding. Exactly what we had been looking for looking for- non hotel compound environment were our friends and family could spend the weekend together. It's damn cute, and the owners are complete dolls. It was perfect. I highly recommend it for a wedding or just a getaway.

{The spot where we had our welcome bbq and pre ceremony cocktails}

For our wedding we also rented the cabins across the street at Green Acres Ranch (also where many of our portraits were shot) and a few more for friends down the road and Rattler Ranch.

Rimrock Ranch Cabins: This is where Britt & Scott were wed. I think of Rimrock Ranch as Spin and Margie's kind of hip, rough and tumble cousin up in neighboring Pioneertown (of course it is more rough and tumble). Very similar vibe. Cabins, expansive land dotted with the raddest details, sweet as pie owner. Heartbreakingly good architecture (by one of my favorite local San Diego architects).

Pappy and Harriet's: I will take a page from Lily to describe the legendary desert roadhouse;
"If great mesquite ribs, bad margaritas, outstanding company and some mean action on the slide guitar sound appealing, then Pappy's is your place. In fact I'll go so far as to say a trip to the desert without a night at Pappy's would be tragic. It's one of the happiest places on earth, and everyone -cowboys, bikers, Marines, hipsters, desert rats, two-steppers, rock climbers, tourists and kids- is welcome."
Pappy's is perfect for a reception, a welcome BBQ on the back patio {as Britt & Scott did} or even just for catering.

{random desert pretty}

itHouse: If you are looking for a place to stay away from the wedding/reception site-, or maybe looking for a place to hold a very small and intimate ceremony, this is it. The house is a STUNNING off the grid, prefab, sitting lightly in nature modern house. I have mentioned the itHouse before, it is where we stayed for Britt & Scott's wedding. (and where I am scheming depserately for a way to stay at on our second anniversary.) Lily attended a Bistro Escondido event there. (more on them later). Just go, look, read.

The Integration: "is an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machinesited on a powerfulgeomagnetic vortexin the magical Mojave Desert". And YOU can rent it (overnight) and get married there. No sh*t. See a few photos from a wedding on Michelle's blog.

Sacred Sands BnB: I have not stayed at Sacred Sands but I pass it longingly every time we head into the park. And I have heard rave reviews. (For example.) Plus? Strawbale home. Rad. Catering of tasty looking food on site. Rad. See another real wedding at Sacred Sands here.

Bistro Escondido: I keep hearing about Bistro Escondido through Lily, and I am just biding my time impatiently until the stars align and they host one of their pop up food parties while we are in the desert. I have never been able to find good catering in the desert until now. Hire them, you are welcome.

Classic Party Rentals, Palm Desert: You need stuff. Chairs? Table cloths? Silverware? A tent? Classic Party Rentals in Palm Desert is where you get that stuff. Done.

{random scene at Spin's}

And a few other notes to enlighten your experience:

*impecable house rentals at Joshua Tree Highlands House

*the BEST tofu sandwhiches at Crossroads

And a {very very short} list of wedding vendors not in Joshua Tree {just southern California}, but related, some how?

-Bash, Please you saw thier Joshua Tree bachelorette shoot, RIGHT? Yeah. (not to mention this desert magic.)
-the flashdance I dunno. I keep meeting the guy in the desert. And I wished I had hired him for our own Joshua Tree wedding. That enough?
-Tend Living Come on. This woman is oozing with mystical Joshua Tree connections. And what with all the mad crazy succulent skills? Was there ever even another choice?

*by no means is this list extensive. just an account of the places that I know & love.

If you will excuse me from this, thelongestpostIhaveeverwritten, I am going to go try and convince my husband (again) to move to Joshua Tree.

all polaroids from our wedding by michelle pullman


  1. ooh i love seeing photos related to your wedding

    AND long posts <333

  2. UMMM, THIS IS AMAZING. and yes, you can have a wedding at the iT house. ireallylovethispostsomuch.

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  4. I love when you post your wedding polaroids. They're amazing.

    I want to plan a road trip/camping trip west in our new bus, and you've convinced me (probably not for the first time) that Joshua Tree has to be a stop. Though maybe once it's not so hot (at least in Texas) because I don't think I can handle the heat + humidity we're having right now.

  5. Spin and Margie? The Integration? Pappy's?!?
    I got to go to there...the names alone!
    SO, as dense as I am I've been reading you all this time and only just now do I finally get the blog name...
    Super-keen post, lady!

  6. thats so awesome.. i admire u for being so creative :)


    so much joshua tree love i can hardly take it- it makes my heart hurt so much to be away! kickin' post, woman. amazing recommendations. and sacred sands? you and b. MUST treat yourselves to a weekend there this fall. scott + steve are *absolutely unbelievable.* so glad you finally wrote this post. it's a great guide to jt all around!

    and your wedding, your wedding. it SLAYS me.

  8. My husband and I stayed at Green Acres Ranch (as you said, across the street from Spin + Margie's) and loved loved loved it. Great decor, peaceful setting, gorgeous views, nice owners, kick-ass desert landscaping and a mutt coral out back. There was even a resident barn owl on the water tower. Just what we needed!

  9. Thank you for all the this wonderful information. I so would love to plan a vacation here sometime.

  10. Oops, did not mean to delete my whole comment!

    Anyway, in short, I got married there too and it was amazing. If you want more info, especially about getting permits to wed in the park, give me a shout: olivia 144 at gmail (no spaces).

  11. THANK GAWD. my wedding's done and over with, but this is just what i needed to plan my desert vacation. thank you!

  12. I am pleased to have the information about Joshua tree in my dictionary. Thanks for making me aware to Joshua Tree as one of the best location among San Diego Wedding venues.

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  15. What a great list! We recently (Dec 2016) put together a post all about getting married in Joshua Tree and the high desert that's a little more up-to-date if anyone is still looking for this info: