Nice long weekend with Ben's mom. She is so easy to have around. We sleep in, sit in the sun and read, shop a little, putter around the house, eat out and in, and walk around the neighborhood. (Me, escaping to the guest room to work a little when I think no one will notice.)


  1. All of your plants and flowers live in eggs.

    Hello, eggs.

  2. love that fan. it looks like you live in eudora welty's house. if eudora welty had gram parsons as a long-term guest.

  3. Awesome weekend. Thanks for sharing your pics. What beer are you drinking in the last shot?...Racer 5? How I love IPA's.

    On a random note, a while back you were wanting suggestions on savory breakfasts. One of my new favorites is toast, 1/4 ripe avacado smashed all over it, and a little salt & pepper. So good.

  4. I love your weekend round up photos. I would pay for a rebel tutorial from you haha

  5. Love that vintage fan in the work space.

    Did you guys like that beer? I've eyed it a couple of times but haven't purchased yet.

  6. yes, @kate & rachel, it is racer 5. i LOVE it. one of my faves i would say.

  7. Anonymous6:02 PM

    i like that your mando is on the wall w/ the guitar. i hope you're playing the hell outta that sucker.