One summer, (many ago) I decided that we needed a ping pong table. Ben was on board with the idea, but not without reservations.

"It has to be aluminum," he argued. "A particle board table top will perish in the rain." (An aluminum ping pong table was not something we could afford.)

"No, we will cover it." I insisted.

"We will forget." He maintained.

"We won't." I assured him.

And I won. Craigslist was searched, a table was secured. It was one of our greatest summers. (Maybe that also had something to do with the fact that it was the summer before I started the insane full time school + working schedule? Who knows.)

Epic battles were had, I won at least one, possibly two games. (Ben swears he did not let me win.)

It rained, the table was covered.

Then there was a period of no rain. So much so that we forgot what it was, forgot to be on the look out for it. For a weekend only we left, to go to Tucson. We were gone away, it rained. The table was not covered. It was no more.

Again summer is approaching, and I think we need a ping pong table.

I found an aluminum one on craigslist for quite a bargain. Let's hope it works out!


  1. we just pulled ours out a few weekends ago and it was so fun! It mainly lives int the garage because I know I will forget about it and it will get ruined....

    My new plan is build an outdoor dining table that is the size of a ping pong table with a removable top to switch between dining and battle.

  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I love this story. And I love the idea of a ping pong table. Happy almost-summer.

  3. RIGHT? you guys would come over ALL THE TIME, RIGHT? don't YOU tske my table out from under me tho. :)