I have been following the story of The Day You Arrived (in which Lauren & Family welcome home a new kitten) with rapt, vicarious attention. Look at little Steve Nash, there in the crook of Joe's arm. Look!

And upon seeing this, it was almost too much. Manray wants a kitten friend! True, he loves emmylou. But she usually denies him cuddling rights.
Hiding my face behind the kitchen wall, I sheepishly ask Ben "Um. Can we get a kitten." Ben, thinking he has heard me wrong, "What?" "Can we get a kitten?" Even quiter, I reply. "What?!?" He asks again, in further disbelief. I repeat myself one more time. He answers, and it's not pretty. (We arn't allowed to go over 3 beasts. But LOOK.)
All images via kidchamp.


  1. aw, full circle! as you know, we were on the lookout for a wee siamese because joe fell in love with your photos of manray. we really need to perfect that cross-country wormhole for conferences, because the little one has TWELVE TIMES more wrestling energy than chuck does. hello, hello big meezer!

  2. and then when you started asking if manray was compatible with others (while i was plotting this little post) it became, like, full figure 8.

    they would be so cute together.

  3. but you neeeed a kitten!

  4. i have been working on getting a kitty friend for Nana. I feel like I am slowly tearing down the walls around Bill's cold, cold heart. Maybe if Ben says yes then they will come crumbling down forever.