So much for blogging this week. And I had been doing so good. Computer is still non functional, and posting from work isn't ideal. Here are some crummby iphone pics, on the left? The new Dresser. This I am especially excited to blog about. It has, as I knew it would, fixed everything. Who says stuff can't make us happy? :) On the right? A polaroid Michelle took a while back when she was down our way, and it finally came to us in the mail the other day- hanging on the wall of our now gloriously pink and teal free bedroom. Yipee! I love hanging around photographers.


  1. don't let them kid you... stuff totally makes people happy.

  2. I agree. I like stuff.

  3. aha, i knew you were french people! (a very continental polaroid.)

  4. not just *any* photographers, MICHELLE PULLMAN. you are a lucky bird, whot with perfect dressers and polies in the mail. get your comp fixed, yo. it's so quiet without you on the internets.

    and oh, yeah, someone already mentioned this, but mark bittman's ntytimes blog is pretty rad:


    this is our go-to dinner these days:
    -couple dozen cherry tomats/baby romas
    -whole cipollini onions or sliced sweet onions
    -thyme/sage, whatever herbs
    -throw it all in a roasting pan with some olive oil and lots of s+p. roast at 400 degrees for oh, 45 mins or until the tomats blister. then add a can of white beans and a couple glugs of white wine and roast another ten mins. serve over wild rice/pilaf/chicken/good crusty bread. OMG. i die and go to heaven every time. so easy. i throw it all in there as soon as i get home from the studio and it's ready by the time peter comes home. such a good wifey. sometimes.

  5. i like stuff too, but i have to constantly apologize for it because my boyfriend thinks having stuff is bad. his dream is to live in a tent in the woods. ps. that will never happen.

  6. mkay. i have a post for you and ben. if yous guys buy it, will you let me keep the oil drum sink?

  7. STUFF can make us DELIRIOUSLY happy! I'm a proponent of minimalistic living, but gosh, I have to say I do love STUFF sometimes! And it feels really great when you find that ONE thing that just pulls a whole room together.