Thanks for your birthday wishes and list support. I got most of it done, not bad considering. Thanks Lauren and Kate for clueing me in on how to cross of my lists.

DC was great. I loved that city. (As you know if you follow me on twitter. I didn't shut up about it, sorry.) It wasn't too cold as I feared, and the suits were not even necessary after all. (all that worrying for nothing) Thanks for all of your recommendations! I was a total dork and printed everything out and kept suggestions in a folder with my itinerary and metro maps. My favorites were Pizza Paradiso (RIGHT by my hotel, 8 page beer bottle list, olives brought to your table when you sit down, done.) and the gem & mineral exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. (Holy wonder.) Also? The metro. Yeah, I am a big dork who gets excited about a good public transit system. LOVED it. Except for the part where I couldn't bring my coffee on with me in the morning. Boo.


  1. 8 page beer list? sounds like my kind of place. that is so weird that coffee wasn't allowed on the metro...i have never heard of that kind of ban on public transportation before.

  2. first, AMAZING photo.

    always a fan of olives brought to the table. more restaurants need to catch on.

    i went to DC 15 years ago, when i was in high school (:/), and LOVED it. i've been wanting to go back ever since.

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    YAY! you're back.

    ok, the dc subway freaks me out because it is SO CLEAN and everyone sits facing forward. plus, the way you pay for it confuses me. i guess those years in nyc got me used to the subway THERE.

    glad you had a great time!

  4. glad you liked it. the metro is pretty fantastic.

    great picture.

  5. happy belated birthday!

    an 8 page beer list and the smithsonian? i hope that's what heaven is like.

    kiwi and i leave for paris tomorrow and we've also been studying the metro maps like big nerds. i totally hear you.

  6. I was so surprised to see that everyone actually obeys the no food/drink rule in DC. I mean, we have signs on everything here, but no one actually follows it. But I know lots of people who have gotten tickets for having coffee on the metro in DC. I guess it just takes one time and you learn the rule quickly.

  7. ooh! i just went there for the first time, too. i didn't realize it was such a foodie city. i would certainly go back there just to eat.

    ps. happy belated!

  8. So glad you liked Pizza Paradiso - it is totally my favorite place to have a laid back night. Now I miss D.C. even more...

  9. sit-down olive service? also sold.

    did you take this shot with a lensbaby? beautiful.



  10. you guys kill me with your flattery. WHAT IS A LENSBABY?!?! (sounds like something I need)

    c- it seems like the last time everyone was there (myself included) was when they were about 14 or 15. so funny. i had a much better appriciation of it this time around.