You guys are great. Thank you. So, I think I better turn my ill formed plan into a solid plan of action. I will start with the cheap, un-debatably healthy stuff like exercise, nature, rescue remedy, reading, sleep and me time. I will then move on to acupuncture [worth a try?] and if all else fails, therapy and chemistry. Don't judge, but I don't do yoga. I tried, and it just doesn't work for me.

Ok, so, I never tried that hard, but sill.

You guys would have been proud last night. After a nice dinner [at the table] and walking the dogs, I crawled in to bed hours before bedtime to read. Ben Left played dj. [His last name starts with a J, so when he does this, we call him DJ BJ.] Anyways, I enjoyed the nice, relaxing songs so much I started making a note of what he was playing. And made him help me remember back what he started with. Here is a little nice kind of mellow good for a wintery night play list.


  1. love it. nice list, love that you guys play dj at home that is the kind of stuff that makes life good!

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    very cool!

  3. that sounds like a marvelous night, and just what you needed. btw, that springsteen song is from one of my all time favorite albums from anyone, ever- it's called nebraska. he recroded the whole thing alone on a 4-track, and it's super low-fi and mercurial and haunting. i listen to it on repeat when i'm in a quiet mellow sort of mood in the studio, and i did a whole series of desert paintings "on" that album- it's kind of like a drug for me.

    hope the exercise and healthy eating works for you. the woman who married us made us promise that we'd really try our best to take a walk together every day. we dodn't have to talk or anything, just walk, together, and it's really the most amazing cure-all for what ails us, as individuals or as a couple. so no matter how crappy his day was at work or how fruitless my day was in the studio we try to walk the dogs at night, even for a short bit. and it always brings the day to a close with grace and closeness.


  4. Beautiful playlist.

    Yoga is completely dependent on the teacher. I have had teachers that make me want to die the entire time because they are over the top calming and meditative and it makes me antsy. I actually feel more meditative when I'm getting my ass kicked so hard that it forces me to clear my mind, so I go for power yoga exclusively.

  5. glad you guys like it too :)

    it was legible when i made the post at home, but here at work (sh!) the letters are all fuzzy.

    can you guys read the text on the playlist?

    and lily, nebraska is one of our all time faves too. so, so, so good. that is ben's favorite track.

  6. oh, and uh. i know there are a ton of errors in that playlist [see paul weserburg] but if i didn't post it quick before work, it would have fallen in to the depths of posts that almost were...

  7. Anonymous6:37 PM

    you + bj the dj have lovely taste in music. sounds like a great evening!

  8. nice playlist.

    Hey, you can do therapy, long walks, eating well, etc etc ALL AT THE SAME TIME, too...xo

  9. yoga doesn't work for me either. running to LOUD MUSIC is my kind of release.

    thx for the reminder I should do it more often...

  10. Love this list, definitley worth me replicating one night!