I'm off to the desert again today. This time it's the Nevada desert, to visit my mom and sister. I was on the fence about if I should watch Wild Things out there; with them. Or, wait until I get home on Sunday and watch it with Ben, who is staying behind.

I was on the fence until I discussed it with my sister. My sister, who is the very picture of teenage indifference, displayed more excited emotion that I can honestly remember. [Literally, I was trying to think of a funny "since she....{insert something really cool and exciting here}"...but I couldn't think of one]

So, I will see it tonight or tomorrow with my sister and mom.

Ben Left is a little ticked. I said I would go again on Sunday, but he says its not as fun if I'm not seeing it for the first time too. He is threatening to go alone, but I don't think he really will.


  1. He can come with us tonight! :) Have fun!

  2. We're ALL seeing to tomorrow. xo lady, and safe travels (to the land of the wild things)

  3. Men are so silly. H got pissed that I was watching GREY'S ANATOMY without him, for fuck's sake. But then I busted him for binging on Gossip Girl while I was out of town.