I just ran across this polaroid going through paperwork. I think it was taken the night Ben met Emmy Lou. This was before me.

I love the story; Ben was grieving the loss of his alley cat, Lou*, who had died recently. He came home from the bar one night, slightly, um, intoxicated, to discover two pit-mix puppies in his living room. "That one is yours." said his roommate, pointing to the little girl puppy who looked like a piglet with a black eye.

A friend of theirs had found the two puppies on the side of the freeway, their mother had been hit by a car and killed. I am not sure if his friends knew this at the time, but Ben, who had been bit in the face by a dog as a child, had always been afraid of dogs. Emmy Lou cured him of this. She is by far the sweetest dog I have ever met. I wish I knew her when she looked like a piglet. [But I'm glad I didn't know her when she did things like chew up couches]

*Ben claims that Emmy is named after Emmy Lou Harris only, and in no way was he paying homage to his recently lost friend Lou. I don't believe him, I mean; Lou and Emmy Lou? I guess it was subconscious.


  1. I just had an "Awww!" moment.

  2. piglets. I love puppies that look like piglets.

    I was bitten by a dog as a teenager and was terrified of dogs until I met N's two soppy mongrels and they melted my heart.

  3. was just about to type awwwwwwwww myself.

  4. hi!
    i just found yo through peonies... and i want you to know that i'm balling my eyes out. for reals.

  5. love that these little mementos can bring back such cute (and sad) stories. You make it all sound like quite a sweet encounter though.