We went to see Bonnie & Clyde the other night. [At the Drive In! For a Dollar!]

It was great.  Faye was smokin hot.

And her outfits?

I have been wishing I could rock a stylish beret for years.

And [didImentionIhaveanewkindofscaryreallyproffessionaljob?] I have been *all* about the high waisted pencil skirts.

Nice work.

[images 1,2,3]


  1. i can't rock the high waisted pencil skirts but all the power to you if you can.

  2. I have a thing for high waisted pencil skirts too. And I had a fantastic black fuzzy beret last winter but I lost it.

  3. Somehow I have never seen this movie.

    You know I love me a high-waisted pencil skirt.

  4. oh wow, drive-ins really do exist!
    how exciting. i've always wanted to go

  5. this is one of my fav movies...tried to get my honey to go with me, but we put it off.
    good thing i have my very own (vhs) copy of b&c! to make up the miss, we're going to the starlight tonight.

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  8. starlight.... mules..... yummmm....

    amanda; do see it!

    and, bbb, i switched from a very small, laid back kinda sorta hip architecture firm to something completely more........ institutional.

  9. I was there too!! Great movie, great night. I love your blog, just thought I'd say hello.