Well, she did anyways. You don't have to read it if you don't want, I would understand.

[10 random facts]

-i will always love the first the most
whatever introduces me to something will remain my favorite always, ie i got hooked on david bowie through ziggy stardust, it will always be my favorite bowie album. rudolph schindler was my first real architect love, and is so today. so on.

-i have a preauricular ear tag [not gross, i swear]
when i was a baby my mom told my older brother that i was growing a second ear *

-when i was twelve my little sister was born at home
[i swear, despite
mounting evidence, my mom isn't a hippie, just eccentric, not that i would mind if she were a hippie] i video taped the birth, my mom always referred to this as birth control

-i generally avoid celebrity crushes
but ever since seeing children of men, i think clive owen is a h-u-n-k

-when i was 21 i left seattle with my boyfriend at the time for ireland, where we worked [no, not performed] for the circus briefly

-i rarely do the dishes
though this free ticket might expire once i graduate, unless i become the exclusive house hold chef. but as it stands, i generally come home to dinner made and am not expected to clean up. i know.

-my relationship with buffy the vampire slayer is really unhealthy
i may have mentioned it before so maybe it doesn't count. but when i first started watching it
[only a couple of years ago, because a friend of Ben Left's gave us season 1 because he and his wife were buying the box set and i was like, really, buffy the vampire slayer? and ben was like, yeah, it's good, i used to watch it with amy and jaime [his roomates back when] when it was on, and so i watched it with trepidation and was hooked] i was quite embarrassed about it, and it took some time for me to come 'out'. now i feel the need to make sure everyone knows. yes, i am a huge dork, i effing live buffy the vampire slayer. all this talk is making me want to throw in season 5......

-i can drink me some tequila
the story of how i discovered this, 18 and in puerto penasco, is funny and long and you do not get to hear it. whiskey, on the other hand, f*s my sh*t up. it isn't pretty

-i am hyper sensitive about snails
and their well being. please do not step on them *

-i am from las vegas
born and raised. i am told this is weird. also that i don't seem like a person who is from vegas *

I tag Christine, since she politely & formally introduced herself to me today, might as well try to get to know her better? Again, I won't be offended if you opt out.

*without showing him the list i asked ben what he would say if asked about 10 random facts about me. it included these


  1. I heart Buffy, too.

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    What a great post to come across on my first visit! :) You have a great blog, and I look forward to reading more posts!

  3. you and me and your fourth statement are totally on the same page.

  4. me whiskey
    me also no dishes please
    me also inexplicable love of invertebrates (this includes insects)

    p.s. this method of birth control = hilarious

  5. I get the Vegas thing. It's the same with L.A. It always suprises me when someone say's they're actually born there. Does that really happen? I only thought people moved there. :)

    Happy Weekend

  6. Oh, another buffy fan! I totally love that show and miss it all the time. The musical episode? COME ON.
    I'm such a spike girl, though, as much as I'd like to be schooled by Giles, and occasionally, I feel girl on girl love for Anya, I'm not gonna lie. :)