Yeah, ok. I am really after this Cole & Son Woods Wallpaper, but at 200 dollars a role it can't be justified in our little rental. 

What can be done, is 30 dollar vinyl birch trees on ebay.

In answer to my question Genevieve said, 

"Oh! They are wallpaper strips, that used to hang on my wall, but I just moved and pulled them carefully off the wall...in the new house they are mounted to cardboard and suspended with twine! Found them on Ebay...I think I searched "birch wallpaper" or something similarly brilliant."

So I am not crazy! In her old pictures they were on the wall, in the new picures they were hanging, hence shadow.  Yeah. Not crazy. 

"WALLIES Wallpaper Murals are pre-pasted, vinyl-coated and acid-free.

WALLIES Wallpaper Murals are already pre-cut in each unique shape. Each big mural contains two or three 28" x 40" sheets of die cut pieces to make them quick and easy to use. Some big murals piece together to form one large image and others are individual pieces that invite you to create your own unique display."



  1. Sweet! I love that wallpaper too, but the stick ons will much less of a hassle in a rental(plus less money).

    P.S. I bought the Neubau book for D and he loved it. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I know someone who coveted that wallpaper but instead painted trees freehand on her wall, it came out really lovely.

  3. I made curtains for our bedroom closet out of marimekko fabric that gives us floor-to-ceiling trees. It makes me so happy.

  4. oh we just ordered this wallpaper for our itsy bitsy guestroom. can't wait to put it up. How does one feel about covering the entire room, ceiling and walls? too much?

  5. I was just dropping by to give you the ebay link!!! Buuuut...looks like you found it just fine on your own. YAY!

  6. Oh and, FYI for anyone who mightbe thinking about the Ebay trees, they are actually not vinyl, but paper, but have a low-tack glue so they come right off the walls. Great for rentals. Just so's ya knows!

  7. Anonymous10:24 AM

    SO smart! I'm just a little obsessed with the cole and sons woods paper but I'm in the same boat: refusing to spend so much on sprucing up a rental. the stick ons are a fabulous alternative! Would love to see pics when you get them up :)