A desert fete. wedding graduate. what an honor! Read all about it here.

[image michelle pullman, of course]


  1. Yay! The post is so thoughtful, and I loved getting a couple of additional pics of the big day.

  2. rachel- your such a reliable blog-cheerleader, thanks!

    east side- me too re: yours.
    sometimes i feel like i am in your little sister shoes of the blog world. and i don't mean that nearly as cheesy as it sounds.

  3. i love your wedding style...
    would it at all be possible for you to share some of your vendors and a little more info on where you got married?

  4. I LOVED your wedding pictures!!!
    I want a small, intimate, picnic wedding. Please tell me where on earth you go the hanging white cutout you stood behind!! I have to have one!!

  5. kelly: thank you and SOON! [venue was Spin and Margie's Desert Hideaway]

    liz: thank you and the hanging curtain is:
    until dawn curtain by tord boontje