Awww Dad. Ben and I have listened to our wedding playlists a lot in the last few weeks. [Damn they was good!!!] I was just about to do the dishes when the song that was unoficailly the daddy daughter dance came on. [Tom Waits; Hold On] I got a little teary eyed thinking about him at the wedding. He is not what I would call a very sentimental or emotional person. He is also a man of few words. But look at the happy ness in his face in this pic! It so captures his spirit the whole weekend of the wedding.

During the BBQ he dutifully grilled up all of the shish kabobs all the while answering everyones questions and gushing compliments about the beer he brewed for the weekend. [It was A M A Z I N G] and both nights, the wedding and the welcome bbq the night before- he and his wonderful woman, Mary, were there TILL THE END, hangin' with us kids, havin' a blast. It was awesome.

picture by Michelle Pullman

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  1. A-dorable. Dad and daughter pics get me every time. What a perfect song to choose! You guys are genius.