My friends. Happy First Day Of Summer. We get on a plane tomorrow for the East Coast, where I am pretty sure they have never even heard the phrase June Gloom. And when we fly home? It will be July. Yes.


You guys. Ancient Greek Sandals (you know, those ones) sent me a pair of sandals. I know. I also know some of you want to learn more. Are the comfortable? Are they worth the price?

Here is what I need to tell you: They arrived to me about a month ago. I quickly tore them out of their pristine white packaging, slapped them on my feet, and wore them to the park with Henry. I then wore them into the office the next day, and the day after that. I walked to the farmer's market in them. I wore them running errands and running after a baby all up and down San Diego. I wore them down and across the Mexican border, into the Tijuana Airport, through the city streets of Puerto Vallarta, along the cobblestone and dirt roads of Sayu, horseback riding on the beach and in the jungle, back into PV/TJ and into SD. Out for margaritas. I wore them for 10 hours while I photographed a wedding at a ranch.  And (even after ALL of that) back into the office. I am seriously considering packing only these shoes for our ten day trip to the east coast that involves both city and country, work and play. (While we are on the subject, would that be insane or brilliant?)

All this is to say that:
-They have gone with every stitch of clothing I have worn in the last month, and have been appropriate in a wide variety of social settings
-They have been nothing other than 100% comfortable
-They have held up strongly to what some might consider seriously abusive wear.

In short: they are totally worth the money. Listen to your hearts, people.

Thank you Ancient Greek Sandals.

(And Aimee for taking a picture of my feets!)


                                                  Sakura Bloom Diary: Communication

 photographs taken by michelle of rad + in love


Johann and Anne were kind enough to give us a discount on our stay at Casa Ninamu, and in return I am reviewing it here. But don't tell them I probably would have anyways. I mean, I kind of do that, right?


Trip to Sayulita, part iii. In which Aimee and I tromp around town pretending like we are the Sartorialists, find mini Manrays, visit with baby wearing babes, have summer rain fun, and conclude our trip with a horsback ride (aimee and jamie) and making local friends (henry) and cleaning the streets of sayu (henry.)

It was so awesome traveling with Dorian and Aimee. Henry had so many loving hands to play with him and keep him safe. I think he really enjoyed it! We are already plotting on how we can make this little trip a bi annual vacation. Totally reasonable, right?


Trip to Sayulita, part ii. More beach. More baby. More Casa Ninamu

Everything we ate in Sayulita was excellent, but the best meal we had (hands down) was the one cooked for us in house by the Teitiare Estates staff. What? Yes. More on that thursday.